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Our Sydney office plays a leading role in developing new behavioural approaches to public policy and service delivery across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

We work across Australia, and we have partnered with government and NGOs at the federal level, and in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia.

We focus on supporting organisations to identify, prioritise and scope behavioural interventions, as well as designing and delivering trials to evaluate their success. We build capability through tailored workshops and seminars, including executive education programmes delivered in collaboration with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, and across the Victorian Public Service with our partner, Victoria’s DPC Behavioural Insights Unit.

Since 2012 we have partnered with the New South Wales’ Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) to establish a dedicated Behavioural Insights Unit that provides advice and strategic support to the New South Wales Government on public policy matters. We have supported the BIU to run successful behavioural trials and interventions across a number of different areas, including health systems, tax revenue, and return to work, and more recently, domestic violence, social housing and obesity.

In 2015 we supported the Australian Department of Employment to establish their Applied and Behavioural Economics Team and have worked together since then to run trials and decrease unemployment for disadvantaged job seekers in Australia.

We work with our NGO partners to develop innovative solutions to further their social purpose goals. Our program of work with The Movember Foundation showed that a range of well-designed behavioural insights could increase activity levels among individuals participating in a fitness programme, particularly encouraging the least active to exercise more. These core ideas have fed into an online tool called Good Habit Lab, which will help organisations who want to motivate their employees to get more active to do so using the latest available evidence and methods. In 2017, we began a partnership with the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation to look at how to foster the ethical development of young people online.


Dr Rory Gallagher
Dr Rory Gallagher
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Dr Alex Gyani


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