Inside the Nudge Unit

“A must-read account of one of the Cameron government’s best innovations. Inside the Nudge Unit is a brilliant guide to making any organisation not just more effective, but more human.”
– Steve Hilton, former Senior Advisor to David Cameron and author of More Human

“David Halpern has written a magnificent book about a revolution at the heart of the British government. It’s a riveting tale – and essential reading for anyone who wants to know how to make big changes happen.”
– Rohan Silva, former Senior Advisor to David Cameron and co-founder of Second Home

Inside the Nudge Unit

“David Halpern is a miracle worker: He created a new institution that is using behavioral science to save money, to promote freedom, and to extend people’s lives. In this fun and brilliant book, he tells the tale — and he offers inspiring lessons for citizens all over the globe. There is no better guide to governance in the twenty-first century.”
– Cass Sunstein, co-author of Nudge and Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard

“Simply a stunning book – thrilling, eye-opening and deeply informative.”
– Alain De Botton, founder of The School of Life

Inside the Nudge Unit is David Halpern’s first-hand account of the Behavioural Insights Team (or Nudge Unit as we quickly became known). The book explores the results of the team as it set out to translate psychological theory and an experimental approach into everyday policy.

What makes Inside the Nudge Unit different from BIT’s policy publications, though, are David’s personal reflections of the trials and tribulations along the way. You’ll learn how the team was created, and how BIT managed to overcome some of the early skepticism that it faced from policymakers and the media. The book also reflects on deeper and wider issues such as: how we can ensure that markets work for citizens; can behavioural approaches boost well-being; the rise of experimental government; and key question of who should nudge the nudgers?

You’ll also meet many of the characters in the story of the Behavioural Insights Team. That includes the members of the Team itself, and some of the public servants and academics that BIT has collaborated with through the years.