An Exploration of Potential Behavioural Biases in Project Delivery in the Department for Transport

This report looks into how behavioural biases might affect decision-making and delivery of projects within the Department for Transport, and how to overcome them.



The Department for Transport (DfT)’s Governance Division, and Social and Behaviour Research Team jointly commissioned the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to conduct exploratory research into potential behavioural biases and heuristics in judgment and decision-making in the delivery of projects within DfT and how to drive improvements to overcome these potential biases. Behavioural biases and heuristics affect humans in many kinds of situations, and policymakers and government departments are no exception. The aim of this project was to harness BIT’s expertise to develop behavioural informed solutions for improving project delivery.

The project was designed to:

  1. review the current evidence of behavioural biases and heuristics in judgment and decision-making in project delivery;
  2. understand current departmental processes and systems in order to assess how particular behavioural biases are manifest in DfT project delivery and assurance; and
  3. generate ideas and processes that could potentially manage and reduce identified behavioural biases.

Date Published

August 15, 2017