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Behavioural Insights for Education – a practical guide for parents, teachers and school leaders

This guide looks to equip parents, teachers and school leaders with more tools to make a difference in students’ academic lives by setting out simple techniques informed by behavioural science. While policymakers and educational researchers have traditionally focused on big ‘structural’ factors, such as class sizes or budgets, behavioural scientists have instead been looking at the details of what parents, teachers and school leaders say and do.



The guide is broken down into three chapters :

Parents: this chapter focuses on how parents can use behavioural insights to help their children achieve both educational and personal goals. It includes topics like meta-cognition, self-control and mindset theory.

Teachers: this chapter provides practical ways for teachers to incorporate behavioural insights into how they teach and set up their classrooms. Topics include how to counteract negative self-perceptions and providing effective feedback.

School leaders: this chapter highlights the important role of school leaders and how they can apply behavioural insights to address some of the biggest challenges they face as heads of schools such as teacher recruitment, teacher retention and parental engagement.

Date Published

June 22, 2017